Customers Comments...

  •  Thank you very much for everything. Great time. Wonderful hospitality. Will come again.

    A.G. [26.12.10]
  •  2010 left and 2011 came. Always the year change brings surprises, but as this year's surprise I do not think that will live again and this surprise has a name, Environment Karya - Agriculture - Bill - Chryssanthi - Nikos. Thank you from our heart and be sure we will never forget you!

    G.P. & B.P [05.01.11]
  •  Through the amazing nature we met one oasis of flavors and smiling faces. I wish a happy new year and good jobs..

    G.G,  [26.12.09]
  •  There are no words to express our gratitude for such a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Honestly, your professionalism refers to European style hotels. Surely you will have a special place in the memories of our holidays.

  •  Congratulations firstly for the nice family you have and secondly for your hospitality. Good winter. Α.Μ. [11.10.09]

  •  Thank you very much for your wonderful hospitality. It was all perfect but above all YOU! We wish you the best. Take care.

    E. Β. & Μ. G. & Α. Μ. [15.11.09]
  •  Thank you very much for your hospitality. Great location, spacious rooms, excellent food, with all the amenities but above all very warm and welcoming owners Bill and Georgia. We will come back for. Sincerely yours.

    A. & M. [08.01.11]
  •  Our eyes were fulfilled by the beauty of nature through the glass. We were satisfied with the great taste of dishes Georgia and Bill.

    L. & Μ.D. [11.10.09]
  •  Bill and Georgia, although the name is Anarada we were not felt for a moment foreigners. Thank you very much for your hospitality, tranquility, the tsipouro and the warmth you offered us.

    N. & I. [11.12.11]
  •  It was excellent choice coming to your lovely room, tasting the delicious plates, the surrounding the wonderful kindness, the willingness and your smile. We will come again.

    Τ.Β. [11.10.09]
  •  In the middle of nowhere,the man and the God! All were in the right order. Above all, human warmth, hospitality and sweet people. We will come again.

    G. & Β. [02.01.11]
  •   Beautiful day. Wonderful hospitality. Excellent infrastructure and support. Keep the smile, willingness and service level..

    S.L. [11.10.09]

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